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Big Taste LLC is founded on quality service and bodacious flavors.  We began as Big Taste Catering but soon changed to Big Taste LLC to become more than just a catering business. 


We have a heart to provide unique flavors in our blended seasonings to serve our community and beyond.  It is our desire for you to make magical memories in your cooking journey, just like the days of old. 


Octavius Pearson, owner and seasoning blends creator, has set his mind and heart to creating blends that will satisfy the soul.


Eat well and enjoy!

Where It Began

Octavius found himself in a precarious situation when he was approached by an acquaintance, Mr. Michael Boards. Mr. Boards advised Octavius that he would be cooking for his retirement dinner.  Octavius politely let Mr. Boards know that he does not cater, he just cooks for his family.  Mr. Boards, who has since become a close friend, insisted.  He stated that he knows what he wants and Octavius and his wife Michelle will be doing the cooking.  Needless to say, Mr. Boards saw potential.  Once the next set of circumstances fell into miraculous place, the cooking began. Octavius has been cooking ever since.  The key component is doing everything with excellence and to the glory of Whom we serve.  Reaching our goals of perfecting tasty meals and being requested to cook has led this Detroit native on an exciting journey.  Because his potential met his faith,

Big Taste Catering was born. 

After creating his own seasoning blends, Octavius pivoted from caterer to seasoning blends creator.  With this new focus came the new name Big Taste LLC.

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